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Deployment of 1C:Document Flow in Vietnam International Bank


Vietnam International Bank (VIB) completed deployment of the electronic document flow system 1C:Document Flow, which is based on 1C:Enterprise. The solution developed by 1C Company is customized and deployed by 1-V System JSC (1VS) together with 1C specialists as part of the Extended TechSupport project.
In 2013, VIB executives scheduled and performed a management reform, with a focus on information technologies. One of the reform tasks included the deployment of a modern document flow system, and they selected the 1C:Document Flow (ECM) solution by 1C for this purpose. The Vietnamese version of the solution was prepared by 1VS company, which was the primary contractor for the project.

The project goals were:

  • Create a centralized database that serves as a consolidated storage and real-time processing center for all of the bank documents
  • Unify and streamline the business processes that include approval, execution, reviewing, and more
  • Ensure task progress control for bank employees
  • Implement quick search for documents

The project team successfully automated the following areas:
  • Internal document management (document creation, reviewing, approval, and more)
  • Incoming and outgoing document management
  • Certificate management
  • Contract management (delivery contracts and credit contracts)

The system was put into operation within three months after the contract was signed.
The project was implemented on extremely tight schedule, thanks to:

  • Close cooperation between all parties involved in the project, with the continuous support of the bank management
  • Development based on 1C:Enterprise platform, which facilitates the creation and deployment of management solutions
  • Participation of 1C specialists, which provided 1VS specialists with immediate support as part of the Extended TechSupport project

Project Summary:
Vietnam International Bank (VIB).
Headquarters: 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Vietnamese International Bank, a leading Vietnamese commercial bank, strives to become #1 innovative and client-oriented bank in Vietnam.
Deployed solution:1C:Document Flow (ECM)
Deployment site:Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VIB) headquarters, 16 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.
Number of automated workstations:100.
Run mode:Client/server.
The headquarters and branch offices are connected to a single database via thin and web clients of 1C:Enterprise.
DBMS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008.
Current database size: 4 GB.

About Vietnam International Bank
Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VIB), was founded on September 18, 1996.
Currently its total assets reach more than VND 100,000 billion. The bank’s current charter capital is now VND 4,250 billion, while its shareholders’ equity is more than VND 8,200 billion. Currently the bank has 4,300 people working in nearly 160 branches and transaction offices in 27 key provinces/cities across the country.
Among the fastest growing and most respected commercial banks in Vietnam, VIB offers an attractive range of products and services to its growing base of customers. Known for innovation, strong corporate governance and superior risk management, VIB is among the top four rated joint-stock banks in Vietnam.

About 1-V System JSC (1VS)
Established in 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam, 1VS JSC is a solution partner of 1C Company and operates as a developer and distributor of software solutions for business automation based on 1C:Enterprise 8 platform.
1VS offers software solutions for a wide range of commercial enterprises, non-commercial organizations and personal use: 1C:KẾ TOÁN 8 (1C:Accounting), 1C:Quản lý thương mại (1C:Trade Management), 1C:BÁN LẺ 8 (1C:Retail 8), 1C:Quản lý tổng thể (1C:All-round Management), 1C:Hóa đơn (1C:Invoice) and others. There are over 3000 companies in Vietnam using 1VS solutions in their everyday business operations.
The 1VS dealer network includes partners in almost all key cities throughout the country.

About Extended TechSupport
The mission of Extended TechSupport is helping to resolve any technical issues that partners or customers might face during the development, deployment or maintenance of 1C:Enterprise solutions. Partners get access to Extended TechSupport by leading 1C experts who help to develop high-quality 1C:Enterprise applications that meet all the requirements and comply with the highest IT industry standards. The Extended TechSupport includes:
  • Provision of all necessary guidelines and best practices on design, development, deployment and maintenance of 1C:Enterprise applications
  • Workflow control that ensures high application quality and meeting the deadlines
  • Consulting on 1C:Enterprise programming tools and 1C:Enterprise script
  • Help with functionality design and development
  • Assistance in specifying platform settings and administration of all system components including 1C:Enterprise server cluster, DBMS, OS and more

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